Providing Pathways to Success

Providing Pathways to Success

Providing Pathways to Success

Being a teenager is tough. You're not a kid. You're not an adult. Much is expected of you, but you don't have a road map. Your body is changing. Your thoughts are changing. Nothing seems to stay in place.

Now, add to that a family with challenges like addiction, domestic violence, poverty, abuse, and neglect. It is hard to imagine how anyone can get through it all without getting angry, scared, depressed, frustrated, or wanting to give up on life.

That's where many of the Ranch children find themselves, and it takes really special people to listen, truly understand, and truly care. Sara Vetter is one of those people at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch.

Sara has been at the Ranch for nearly 25 years and has provided so many children with insights and pathways to success. She does all that while retaining her super sense of humor. Sara Vetter is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor at Western Plains on our Bismarck campus. I asked her how she helps meet the mission of the Ranch, "to help at-risk youth and their families succeed in the name of Christ."

Sara said, "I believe I help children and families succeed by always being aware of how I'm engaging with them and finding 'buy-in' for therapy. Change is difficult and can be scary in itself, and I think therapy starts by having a relationship with clients, no matter what therapy techniques are used. I heard this in a training many years ago and it really stuck with me—'If you don't like teenagers, leave them alone and work with someone else. They have enough to deal with without having to deal with YOU.' My calling is working with teenagers—I still like them even when I have one at home now, too!"

It is a blessing to have folks like Sara surround the precious children who come to the Ranch for help. Please keep her and our kids in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch


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