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You can share healing and hope with a hurting child

A Ranch child urgently needs your support to experience the care and love they've never known before.

A vulnerable little girl in need of healing

Gracie’s parents came right out and said it: They were desperate.

At just 8 years of age, their precious daughter was heading for trouble — lying and stealing, disobedient and disrespectful, struggling in school. They knew something was wrong. They just didn’t know what.

Gracie’s behavior became increasingly troubling and confusing until her parents discovered she was being sexually abused by a neighbor in their apartment building.

The police were called in, of course. But that couldn’t undo the heartbreaking damage done to this innocent little girl.

The family sought help from a local child advocacy agency. But they weren’t much help. From there, Gracie went to two different residential programs, but experienced little or no progress.

Out of control

By the time Gracie came to the Ranch, her dad described her as uncontrollable. “We tried different counselors. We knew we needed to address her mental health and spiritual problems.”

They realized Gracie needed comprehensive help — to heal her body, mind, and spirit. That’s when they called on the Ranch.

As you might imagine, Gracie needed a different approach to treatment — highly specialized therapy that recognized the terrible trauma she’d experienced, plus a tailored curriculum to help her catch up in the classroom.

But more than that, she needed spiritual care ... an introduction to the God who created her, loves her infinitely, and wants to take away her hurt.

An entire family transformed

At home, Gracie’s parents didn’t talk much about faith. But at the Ranch, she learned to embrace the spiritual side of life. She wanted to go to chapel and learn about God. Gracie says, “I know God is here for me. He wants to take care of me. He is caring.”

In addition to her own spiritual transformation, Gracie ignited her parents’ interest in God. When she called her parents, they would pray together. And when Gracie asked to be baptized, her parents came to the Ranch for the celebration.

Before she joined us, Gracie was angry and confused. Today, this little girl is able to concentrate in school, manage her emotions, and trust adults. But more than that, Gracie met Jesus and was transformed by His love.

This is the kind of eternity-altering impact you can make in a child’s life through your gift to the Ranch.

You can give a hurting child genuine hope

Right now you can help TWICE as many children rise above their circumstances — whether abuse, neglect, or psychiatric issues — and prepare for a life of independence and accomplishment. Through God’s limitless grace — and your compassion — they can finally start to believe in themselves.

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Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a residential treatment and education center for children and their families. We help the most troubled, complicated, and amazing kids through best-in-class psychiatric therapy and trauma-informed care.

The Ranch is supported by caring people like you who give sacrificially to help children and their families. So we’re serious about earning your trust by using your gifts carefully and conservatively. We’re committed to absolute integrity and transparency in our fundraising.

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You’ll do more good for a heartbroken child than you can ever imagine when you stand with the Ranch through your gift. Your generous gift will be DOUBLED by the Challenge Grant to help TWICE as many Ranch kids experience a fresh start, a second chance, and healing for their aching souls.