Hope can transform a child’s life

Your kindness will mean so much

For kids at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, hope can be the difference between success in life and just giving up.

That’s because so many of the children placed with us have spent their lives struggling with emotional problems, failing in school, or being let down by adults who should have been there for them.

Perhaps saddest of all, many of our boys and girls have almost no one in their lives who believes in them and takes the time to encourage them. So it’s no surprise they’ve lost hope.

You can be a huge blessing to a Ranch child by writing a Hope Note

Share inspiration, encouragement, and HOPE with a hurting child.

Your message will let a boy or girl know that someone cares and wants them to succeed. It's easy to do and takes just a few minutes!

Send a message of hope to a hurting child

Your note will be shared with a child to encourage them — both in their treatment and in their walk with God.

Loving kids has been our mission for 65 years

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch has helped more than 30,000 children recover from abuse, abandonment, and psychiatric issues by providing best-in-class therapy and what we call “trauma-informed care” — compassionate treatment that recognizes the very difficult circumstances a child has experienced.

The chance to meet Jesus and know His love, grace, and forgiveness
Specialized therapy that addresses a child’s unique hurts and struggles
Individualized instruction to help each child excel academically, despite past failures

Here’s how much your Hope Note will mean to a Ranch child

Here's how much your Hope Note will mean to a Ranch child

"You’ll never know how much this Hope Note meant to me. I was having a really bad day. Nothing was going right. But when I read my note from a friend of the Ranch I don’t even know, I was blown away. It just absolutely made my day!"
“I love receiving Hope Notes. It makes me feel special to know that someone out there I don’t know cares enough about me to send an encouraging note. I wish I could get one every day.”