Honey Sunday

For decades, congregations across the United States have held Honey Sundays. We invite you to join them — and bring God’s love to a child by organizing a Honey Sunday fundraiser this fall.

When you hold a Honey Sunday, we provide bulletin insert order forms, a poster, and a sample bottle of honey. We suggest a gift of $10 per bottle of honey (you send 70% of the proceeds to the Ranch and keep 30% for your local ministry needs.) We ship the honey to people's homes 2-3 weeks after receiving the completed order forms.

In 2024, Honey Sundays will be held throughout September and October. We need to receive all orders by November 30.

If you would like someone from the Ranch to talk about the ministry's history and current focus, please let us know. We will either have someone there or provide a short video for you to share with your congregation. 

We now also have a Virtual Honey Sunday option, so your congregants can place an online order. Either way, we mail the honey directly to people's homes, so you don't have to worry about distribution.

Sign up now to sponsor a 2024 Honey Sunday event (in-person or virtual).

 When you receive your bottle of Ranch honey, post a photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ShowMeTheHoney!

Honey Sunday Resources