Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Psychiatric Care Programs in North Dakota

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Christ-centered residential treatment and educational center for children and their families. The residential environment at the Ranch provides a safe place for children to practice new skills and transition the learning to their community and home environment. Because Ranch staff work so closely together, the children can practice new skills and tools in therapy, at school, and in the residential environment.

Most children arrive at the Ranch having experienced significant trauma in their lives. We weave trauma-informed practices into all residential and educational programs. Employees are trained to understand the impact of trauma on children from the neurological, biological, psychosocial, and social perspectives. We screen and assess all children for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and provide specialized trauma therapies when the children and their families are ready.

Children, ages 10-18, who come to the Ranch, find a structured and safe environment in which to live, learn, and heal. They also have 24-hour access to highly trained and qualified staff who offer compassion, discipline, direction, and modeling—teaching them the skills they need to lead productive and satisfying lives.

When it comes to making sure your child and family can heal, we have the residential treatment options you’re looking for to fit your unique needs. 


A place of healing for children and adolescents.



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Residential Treatment

The residential treatment programs at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch provide multi-disciplinary programs and therapy for children and adolescents with chronic psychiatric and behavioral health issues. In addition to basic living needs and psychiatric care provided in a Christ-centered environment, Ranch residents receive basic medical care, a quality education through our on-campus school, wellness and recreational opportunities, and a chance to discover their unique strengths and become their best selves. The Ranch provides two levels of residential treatment: Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities and Qualified Residential Treatment Programs. A centralized Admissions Process allows parents/guardians to apply for care, with our admissions and treatment professionals determining the appropriate level of care for each child.

Dakota Memorial School

Dakota Memorial School, the on-campus trauma-sensitive school of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, provides a specialized education for children in residential treatment. Our Day Program is for students who can live at home but need the individual attention and small class sizes provided by teachers and staff at Dakota Memorial School. Dakota Memorial School is accredited by Cognia, the largest community of education professionals in the world. The rigorous accreditation standards ensure our students receive the highest level of education.



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Outpatient Therapy (Dakota Family Services)

Whether you need help finding the right medication, coping with mental illness, or navigating life's changes and challenges, you can count on the trusted team of mental health providers at Dakota Family Services to be by your side. Every person deserves the opportunity to become their best self. This is something we believe for you and you will eventually believe for yourself. Our hope is that we can work together to improve your life and develop self-awareness, so you can feel confident navigating life’s changes and challenges. Dakota Family Services, the outpatient clinic founded by Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch provides therapy, psychiatric services, psychological testing, and online therapy for children, teens, and adults.

Is Residential Treatment right for your child? 

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Is Residential Treatment right for your child? 

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