Accented Healing

Accented Healing

Accented Healing

When a child leaves the Ranch, it has become a tradition for the Case Manager to write a short paragraph about the child’s healing to share with all staff. It is great to have everyone celebrate these kids, and sharing these successes can be very helpful in making it through a tough day – this isn’t easy work.

Lisa* just discharged, and the case manager’s synopsis of her is one of healing and joy.

“Lisa officially discharged from the Ranch today! While she was here, she made excellent progress and realized how important sobriety is. She learned how to properly advocate for herself and communicate her needs to improve her relationships with others. She was known for talking in different accents and making others laugh. Please send good wishes her way as she begins her new journey. She said during her discharge meeting that she plans on calling to talk to staff. 😊 Thank you.

I love the part about talking in accents. These kids are, after all, just kids.

Please keep them and our staff in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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