A Ranch Wedding

A Ranch Wedding

A Ranch Wedding

When Steven*, a former resident at the Ranch, was planning his wedding, he contacted Pastor Rick Jones to see if he could be married in the Chapel on the Minot Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch campus.

Because the Ranch was such an important part of his past, Steven said he wanted to make it a part of his future as well.

Steven spent time at the Ranch about ten years ago after his cognitive disabilities led to struggles with school and family. His parents didn’t know how to help him, and the tension at school and at home caused Steven to make some bad choices. At the Ranch, Steven found the structure, support, encouragement, and forgiveness he needed to unlock success for his life.

Pastor Rick said, “Steven is not a high-powered public figure or a rising political star, but he is a faithful, dedicated man doing his best to provide for himself and his family. This young man struggled with relationships and school. Now he has a steady job, an active social life, and a loving wife. He is a successful and productive member of society, and he is the first one to admit his success is largely due to the time he spent at the Ranch.”

“Steven’s time here helped him build his faith and his life,” Pastor Rick said. “And to honor that he wanted the Ranch to be a part of his wedding. I had the pleasure of performing his marriage ceremony. It was an incredible blessing to be a part of such a powerful day in the life of someone who benefitted from our care."

*Names changed to protect confidentiality. 

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