"Everything is Figureoutable!"

"Everything is Figureoutable!"

"Everything is Figureoutable!"

As I move from campus to campus with the Ranch, I often am a “squatter” in various offices. It simply doesn’t make sense to have office space everywhere, and I am pretty portable with laptops and networks and all the blessings IT brings to our work. I sort of inquire around as to vacations and then locate myself wherever there is space.

One week I found myself in Tracey Watson’s office on the Minot Campus. Tracey is the Program Manager for our Qualified Residential Treatment Program on that campus. She oversees the program work done with the boys in Seegers and Thatcher Cottages, and the girls in Challenge Cottage. Tracey has quite a resume with a background in teaching and three Master of Science degrees in Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, and Education of the Emotionally Handicapped. She has a heart for the kids and the training and scientific background to turn that passion into action.

But, back to her office. It is filled with inspirational quotes on signs and plaques and in frames and on tchotchkes on her shelves. They are everywhere. They reflect Tracey’s attitude. She is an encourager. She believes there is good in everyone and there are better times ahead. She is a force for good.

As I looked around, the one sign I kept coming back to said, “Everything is Figureoutable.” Maybe not grammatically correct, but so powerful.

The kids who come to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch have had hope taken from them. The trauma they experienced has convinced them they are worthless and have no future. They have struggled and people have failed them. They feel, many times, as if there are only more brick walls ahead.

But Tracey, and the amazing Ranchers who work with each child, don’t believe that. They believe that “Everything is Figureoutable.” You have trouble with anger, let’s find out why and different ways to react. You didn’t do well in school, let’s put together an individualized approach to your learning that works for you. You’re scared all the time, let’s show you, again and again, you can trust that you are safe. You think you’re worthless, let us show you your value.

Because of Tracey and all the Ranchers, there are next steps. Nothing is a dead end.

“Everything is Figureoutable.”

Please keep the Ranch kids and staff in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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