Go touch grass

Go touch grass

Go touch grass

Erinn Dosch is a great communicator. She writes grants and manages website and social media activity at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. She is a voracious reader, funny and smart, and a “word collector.” You know, she loves a turn of phrase or clever pun. She’s a really good Rancher.
Today, after eating lunch with the kids at the Ranch, Erinn stopped by my office. “I’ve got one for you, Joy. ‘Go touch grass.’”
Nope. It’s not about marijuana.

It’s a new phrase, sometimes used sarcastically, telling someone it is time for them to go outside. I know I am showing my age, but we used to just say, “Go outside.”
In this age of technology, with way too much screen time for most of us (you and I are both on our screens right now), we need to be reminded of the importance and health benefits of being in nature!

Many children at the Ranch have been “babysat” by some sort of screen. Others have retreated into screens to escape the chaos around them. Others have become trapped in the world of social media.

So, at the Ranch, we ensure the kids, “Go touch grass,” or leaves, snow, or mud.
We make sure they get outside.
Please keep our kids and staff in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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