How Grateful Are We?

How Grateful Are We?

How Grateful Are We?

By Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

I can tell you we're grateful for the thousands of people who support the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch ministry. But how grateful? Nope.

There isn't a number, or metaphor, or scale that can explain that.

Each day, I come to work and feel Christ's love and the love of thousands of partners like you . . . how can I measure the gratitude I feel? It is beyond bounds.

And the impact? Well, literally, our donors and prayer partners save lives. And change lives. And create success. And help kids laugh, pray, learn, and feel worthwhile.

You can see donor impact in the heart of "Melissa," a 15-year-old rape victim who used drugs to kill the pain. She left the Ranch as an honor student to join her new forever family.

You can see the impact in the transformation of "Chuck," who will forever be affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, due to his mom's drinking while pregnant. He left the Ranch to rejoin his adoptive family and now runs track for his home high school.

There are so many more. But you get the idea. I can't thank our donors and communities enough--they will never know the true impact they are making.

But I'll continue to do my best to show deep gratitude and tell them about our amazing, complicated kids.

God bless you each day.

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