Dirt is a Happy Place

Dirt is a Happy Place

Dirt is a Happy Place

When I was a kid, I didn't really appreciate all the work that went into raising food. Gardening was a lot of work, and it took away from what I wanted to do—generally anything except work.

I've since gained an appreciation for gardening, and even gave it a name, "dirt therapy." For some people, digging in the dirt, watching plants grow, and harvesting vegetables all come together to create a sense of accomplishment and well-being.

Sowing (planting) is such a universally understood concept that Jesus used it in a parable.

At the Ranch, we get our kids to dig in the dirt. They plant gardens and take horticulture classes. In Minot, they grow so many plants we typically hold a community garden sale so they can share the fruits of their labors with the community.

Our kids are turning into quite the gardeners and their tomato plants last year were ginormous!

Gardening teaches our kids valuable skills and boosts their confidence as they watch their carefully nurtured plants grow and bear fruit. They take their gardening skills, and the skills and tools they learn about tending to their own mental health, with them into their lives outside the Ranch.

Thank you for sowing good seed into our precious boys and girls with your prayers and support. We couldn't, and wouldn't want to, do this without you.



P.S. If you have a story of why it is important for you to bless our kids through your support, please let me know. Contact me via phone, text, or email. My contact information is below.

Tim Unsinn, Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch
Cell: 701-405-4186

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