He is happy

He is happy

He is happy

An exceptional component of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is Dakota Memorial School. Dakota Memorial is a fully accredited school district located on the three campuses of the Ranch. The schools are very special, operating on a platform of trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive learning. Teachers are uniquely trained, as are support staff, para-professionals, and all involved, to work with the children who come to us for care. Classes are small. The curriculum, while rigorous and meeting all educational standards, is individualized to each child’s particular learning needs and style. Children whose needs have not been met in other educational settings often find their first learning success at Dakota Memorial.
In addition to the residents who live on our campuses, Dakota Memorial School accepts day students from surrounding school districts. These children face similar trauma-related, psychiatric, and behavioral challenges as our resident children. However, they don't need the depth of treatment provided in residential care and are living in their communities.

Tina DeGree is the Superintendent of Dakota Memorial School and a remarkable Rancher. She has a passion for education and a heart that feels for every child. Tina recently sent the following email to her educators and staff, and I wanted to share it with you.
“When the phone rings at work, you ask yourself, ‘Do I know this number?’ or ‘Is this a spam call?’ I asked myself those same questions when I answered my office phone at 9:24 today. When I picked up the phone, a mom said, ‘Thank you. Lincoln has not been at Dakota Memorial School for very long, and I know there will be tough days ahead, but when my son comes home, he is happy. I wanted you and your staff to know that although we were scared and nervous sending him to the Ranch, we already see a difference.’

Our parents don’t have to make those calls, but they do because you have given them hope. Thank you for coming to work today and believing in our purpose. You do change lives, and I thank you.”

I echo Tina’s words in my message to you. You do change lives, and I thank you.
Please keep our children and staff in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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