Helping old ladies

Helping old ladies

Helping old ladies

Sometimes, the best way to tell a story is to use someone else’s words.
Below are email excerpts (to maintain confidentiality) from an outpatient therapist who referred a precious, challenging, traumatized boy to treatment at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. The therapist wrote the note to the boy’s treatment team about three weeks after he completed treatment at the Ranch.

“I’m an outpatient therapist, and you recently worked with one of my clients. This boy and I have worked together for a long time, and in my time working with him and his family, we have developed a very close relationship. We have gone through a lot together. Had many long talks, tears, worry, testing, medication changes, and crisis calls. I referred him to the Ranch after his behaviors took a huge turn for the worse and the Ranch graciously accepted him.
I know things were very difficult at times as the team was trying to decipher what was going on. I know people were put in very uncomfortable positions, that he hurt some people, and that things were difficult. But you never gave up. It is because of your willingness to push through, to try new things, because of your willingness to listen to and answer the same questions a MILLION times, that I have some amazing news to share.

After doing all that work you did, this boy is SO happy. His family says, “We have our child back.” His family is over the moon with excitement to see their child SMILING again. He is doing SO well that the family and the school have decided he can GO BACK TO PUBLIC SCHOOL. WHATTT???? He had just a single outburst since coming home. In this outburst, nobody was hurt, he never went outside, he never did anything that could get him in more trouble. In fact, HE USED SKILLS. He is interacting with the family more, he has been very compliant with requests, and he has made a new goal to help a little old lady cross the street if he sees one. 😊

In sessions, I feel like the real child is back. He is lucid, he can follow conversations, he is so motivated to keep doing well. Honestly, I barely recognize him. His insight is amazing, his ability to see cause and effect has improved, and he went a full hour without once mentioning pain. In fact, we spent most of the time focusing on how to make sure he can handle hurtful thoughts if they ever come back, and it was HIS IDEA! His mother and I almost start crying every time we meet because we are so happy for him.
 I know you don’t always get to see the fruits of your labor. But this is the work the Ranch does. This is the change you create.

You brought a family back together.
You saved a child.
And even though these words will never adequately show my gratitude, thank you.”
I can’t tell the story any better than that. Please keep our staff and kids in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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