Finding common ground and healing through Ranch Horse Program

Finding common ground and healing through Ranch Horse Program

Finding common ground and healing through Ranch Horse Program

Horses have been a part of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch since the very beginning, before Equine therapy was even a recognized practice. One could say we were ahead of our time.

Recently, one of our younger girls was not in the best of moods as she headed out to the barn for some time with her horse, Bonnie. She became even more frustrated when Bonnie seemed standoffish to her. Our therapeutic riding instructor and equine specialist in Mental Health and Learning, Amber, recommended that they sit down and quietly talk for a bit.

She told the young girl that she suspected Bonnie had had a traumatic past. She wasn't sure what happened, but she may have been neglected or treated in a way that made her relationships with people difficult. Bonnie also had only been at her most recent owners for only five months before being uprooted and brought to the Ranch. Her past lead Bonnie to sometimes do things in her own way and on her own timeline. 
Quietly, the girl looked at Bonnie and said, “I guess Bonnie and I have a lot in common.”

Moments later, Bonnie quietly approached them and brought her head close to the girl. It was one of those times when you know there is something very special about horses that allows them to be there for our children. Our precious Ranch child didn’t feel so alone, and fell even more in love with Bonnie.
Equine therapy is completely funded by donations and we are very blessed to have people who recognize and support this program. Thank you for all you do to help our kids find success.

God bless you always!

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