When Jesus is Our Map

When Jesus is Our Map

When Jesus is Our Map

I have had the wonderful opportunity to hear Pastor Mark Huber, from the Sanctuary Church in Marshfield, Massachusetts lead devotions at several national Christian Leadership events. I have never listed to him without then spending significant time pondering his words.

Recently, Pastor Mark reflected on a car trip with his children from Massachusetts to Ohio to see family. He shared how he finds it perfectly natural for his daughter, who is too little to read road signs or maps, to ask every seven or eight minutes, "Are we there yet?" With no understanding of time or distance or challenges, she just focused on the destination. On getting to the end.

Another morsel of wisdom he took from the trip was how much better the trip went when they were all involved in good conversation. The conversation covered many topics... some important to a little person, some to her mother, others to him. But the sharing, listening, and open communication made the miles easier to travel.

Pastor Mark compared our time in life with this trip. He suggested that we really don't always know much about the trip, but it is up to us to stay focused on the destination. He suggested that Jesus provides a map. He suggested that prayer makes the trip better, the talking and listening to God–as does talking and listening to our fellow travelers.

So, how can this inform our work at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch? I would suggest that for the children who come into our care, this is a time of "recalculating" on their journey. (That's what the "map app" on my phone says when I've taken a wrong turn!) They see their fellow travelers. They begin to have conversations. They speak and listen. It is a time when they re-focus on their destination, or for the first time, consider a destination. And slowly, they begin to read the road signs and follow their map (or map app!). And they are on their way.

Please pray for the children at the Ranch.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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