The Load is Light With Many Hands

The Load is Light With Many Hands

The Load is Light With Many Hands

I recently attended the South Dakota LWML retreat in Pierre, South Dakota.

One of the hosts mentioned how good it was to finally be in person after such a long layoff, and the attendees agreed with a loud cheer!

I agree. It was good to be in person. Me and my fellow Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Development Officers have been visiting donors in person since May, but this was my first time meeting in a larger setting since COVID began. 

The two-day event was full of activities—Bible studies, servant activities, an evening worship service, and more.

While singing hymns during the worship service, I stopped a moment just to listen. Wow, hearing the women sing with one voice was awesome; and a great reminder of how this group of energetic, passionate women accomplish so much.

There are many workers with one mission. They proclaim Christ, support missions, and equip women to honor God by serving others. 

It is the same for those who support our kids and the Ranch. Many people and groups come together with one mission—to ensure the kids we serve have a chance to become their best selves.
Your prayers and support make a difference.

Thank you and God bless you!



P.S. If you would like to help make a difference for our kids, please contact me via phone, text, or email. My contact information is below.        

Tim Unsinn, Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch
Cell: 701-405-4186

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