The Many Faces of Ranch Kids and Staff

The Many Faces of Ranch Kids and Staff

The Many Faces of Ranch Kids and Staff

All of us at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch are humbled and grateful each day. First, by the opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others. Second, that the “others” we serve are precious children on a journey of hope and healing to become their best selves. Third, that so many people, like you, support our work. The attitude of gratitude we carry into each day is more than a clever rhyme, it is a worldview based on the honor we feel. We try to find every way possible to share our thankfulness with everyone.

We had a great chance to do a special kind of thank you! We were able to produce a 30-second video that includes the faces of our kids (with permission, of course!). These are the kids you impact through your support.  You’ll also see some of our heroic staff.

Please watch it and share it and post it and know that that the gratitude comes from the very depth of our souls. This video will also run, for free, on cable television in a limited part of North Dakota. If you think of other places it could be shown, just let me know!

You are so appreciated!

In His Love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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