Mentoring Others to Impact the Community

Mentoring Others to Impact the Community

Mentoring Others to Impact the Community

Every Monday, I send an internal e-newsletter to Ranch employees. As one part of that newsletter, I ask individual Ranchers to share their thoughts about how they in their individual roles, help fulfill the mission of the Ranch. The mission, "to help at-risk children and their families succeed in the name of Christ," is pretty lofty. It is not something anyone of us can accomplish alone, but rather we all have to do our own part.

Randi Streff, RN, is the Clinic Director for Dakota Family Services – the division of the Ranch that provides outpatient services to community members, including Ranch kids who are back in the community with their families. Randi joined us in October of 2018 from a large health care system where she had successfully run multiple satellite outpatient clinics. She is an intelligent, strong, and thoughtful leader with great insight. Here's what Randi has to say in response to "How do you, in your job, help kids and families succeed?"

"I was fortunate to have adult mentors throughout my childhood who encouraged and supported me and made a huge impact on my view of the world. These mentors are people who helped me build resilience, determination, grace, kindness, courage, acceptance, and so much more.

"My goal is to be a mentor for others, directly and indirectly. Working at Dakota Family Services has given me an outlet to build on that goal. I am blessed to work with practitioners and other staff who provide the best behavioral health care in the state. I help children and families succeed by supporting the team and exploring ways for Dakota Family Services to make an impact in the community. We make an impact through advocacy and mental health awareness, by increasing access to our current providers, and by recruiting others to work with us. We work with local schools (including our own Dakota Memorial School) to strategize about Social Emotional Learning, and we find the small moments in each day to impact children and families by accepting them for who they are and meeting them where they are at.

"P.S. This is my favorite video.😊”

Randi is a great example of the almost 600 remarkable people who work at the Ranch. I am so glad she chooses to make Dakota Family Services at the Ranch her work home.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

P.S. To learn more about Dakota Family Services or to make an appointment, go to

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