I Wore Pajamas to Work!

I Wore Pajamas to Work!

I Wore Pajamas to Work!

I wore pajamas to work.

Well, technically it was an oversized cotton sleep shirt/dress. And I wore tights and boots. Quite an ensemble.

Why you might ask? Surprisingly, it is about normalcy.

In many daycares, elementary schools, even middle schools, Pajama Day is "a thing." Teachers, students, and administration come into the schools with appropriate, but silly, pajamas for one day a year. It is playful, brings a lot of smiles, and just generally puts a happy coating on the whole day. When you ask kids, "What is your favorite day in the school year," Pajama Day usually comes in just behind "the last day!"

Ranch kids aren't likely to have participated in such fun. Perhaps they didn't have pajamas. Perhaps their family was too disorganized to participate. Perhaps they were absent from school most days—caring for young siblings, or just not part of school in any real way.

But it is a normal memory for kids to have—a day to remember when everyone was smiling and they wore their "FLASH" jammies to school. So what if yours was when you were 12 instead of 6? It was still normal and it created a happy memory for the children—a memory they can store away as they slowly grow a collection of good things that have happened to them.

So...the week before Christmas we had Pajama Day. It was really pretty important for me to wear pajamas to work. Actually, kinda normal.

Please pray for our kids and staff.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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