Pulling Back the Curtain

Pulling Back the Curtain

Pulling Back the Curtain

We do a whole lot of training at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. Each of us goes through days of standard and specific training every year. The training ranges from basic first aid and defensive driving to organizational communications and understanding complicated psychiatric diagnoses in children.

Recently, Kris Ryan, Director of Culture and Quality, and Tim Gienger, Clinical Director, collaborated to present “Residential Services Documentation Training.” I know. It sounds like a challenging way to spend a couple of hours. Necessary, important, critical to good care? YES! Stimulating?… not by the sounds of it.

But what if we pulled back the curtain to see what they actually said? That’s when we begin to see the heart of the Ranch. First, we hear how important it is to document the positive and to recognize our children's strengths. We hear what words are appropriate to describe behaviors…

And then we hear Tim explain the real reason we do this training, “We have kids who are completely devoid of hope. Reality has asked them to pack up their entire world in a bag, move to the Ranch, trust us, and follow our rules. We can’t even imagine what they’ve been through, but what we do know is that we have the opportunity to give them hope. None of us alone can carry the mission. We’re here to help each other and be open to receiving help to make it happen. Trauma-informed care starts with being nice, being curious, listening, and giving kids the benefit of the doubt.”

That’s different from what the rest of the world thinks of when they see these kids. The folks who work at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch meet each precious child where they are at. They see the children first, then their behaviors.

These Ranchers, with your support and prayers, work each day to be fully present to each and every child. And we love them in Christ’s name.

I am really grateful to work with folks like Kris and Tim.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

If you are a Thrivent Financial member, you may have Thrivent Choice Dollars® available to direct. Your Choice Dollars® can be directed to multiple organizations each year. Please consider choosing Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch as one place you direct your Choice Dollars®. All Thrivent Choice Dollars® are used to fund our Spiritual Life Program, giving our children the opportunity to grow in their faith and learn about their loving Heavenly Father. To direct your Choice Dollars® to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, go to Thrivent.com/thriventchoice. You can also direct your Choice Dollars® over the phone by calling 1-800-847-4836, and say "Thrivent Choice," after the prompt.


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