Ranch Kids Head Back to School

Ranch Kids Head Back to School

Ranch Kids Head Back to School

I was recently reading through the Spring 2019 issue of Ranch Voice (click here to read more), and was reminded why we, and our kids, love our educators!

As you read these snippets, you'll realize why our educators are so special.

Shea Durham; Scientist, Coach, Father, said, "When I heard about this job and learned more about Dakota Memorial School, it really called to me. Then I got here and have been surprised at how much I've been impacted by the kids. I think I'm a better father. I know I'm a better teacher, and I don't think that has as much to do with my education as it does the kids."

"I leave school at the end of each day wanting to come back the next day," Shea said. "I love connecting with kids who don't have many connections, building relationships with kids who haven't had someone in their life who trusts them, and saying 'hi' to a kid who doesn't have anyone else who greets them every day. We're all a part of that process. We provide a safe place for kids who have rarely felt safe."

Suzanne Erz; Scientist, Encourager, Critter-owner, said, "The kids' faces when they have those 'Aha!' moments are what keep me going. You see them take baby steps and then they start thinking, 'Oh, look what I just created! I can do this. I can be somebody.' You can see when something clicks — they hold their head up a little higher as they leave class. It's an honor to know I helped them become aware of that feeling of success. Most of our kids have never had the idea in their heads they could be something or somebody."

As our kids and educators prepare for another, albeit different-looking school year, we know it will be great. Plans and preparations are in place to help our kids become the best version of themselves. We see greatness in each of our kids and are blessed with educators who believe in them.

Please pray for our kids and educators as they start a new school year.

Thank you for caring!



P.S. If you need prayer or would like to just chat with someone, please contact me via phone, text, or email. My contact information is below. 

Tim Unsinn, Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch
Cell: 701-405-4186

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