A Sense of Family

A Sense of Family

A Sense of Family

Prior to coming to the Ranch, I didn't really know what it was or what kind of work was done here. I grew up in Bismarck, so I knew we had a Thrift Store, but that was the only connection I had. I wasn't aware of the larger scope of the services the Ranch provides or that the money raised in the Thrift Stores helped the complicated and amazing kids in Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Residential Treatment Centers.

When I think about the many ways I have been impacted by the Ranch, I keep coming back to the overwhelming sense of family and belonging that surrounds everything we do. I immediately felt welcomed by everyone I met, from coworkers and board members to the children we serve. I imagine that coming in as a resident can be very scary—suddenly they are surrounded by all of these people they don't know. I hope they feel as welcomed as I did. Many of the kids who come to the Ranch, have no family to support them—the people at the Ranch become their family.

As donors and interested friends of the Ranch, you play a large part in creating that family feeling. Without your prayers and financial support, we wouldn't be able to do the work that we do. We wouldn't be able to create a safe space for our hurting and broken children to come and heal.

I'm so thankful for the Ranch and grateful to be a part of the Ranch family.

God bless you always,

Erinn Dosch
Marketing and Communications Associate
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch is a Christian residential treatment and educational center for children and their families. We help the most troubled, complicated, and amazing kids by providing best-in-class psychiatric therapy and trauma-informed care, where we look kids in the eye, walk with them, and help them become their best selves.

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