Showing Up to Help Ranch Children Be Successful

Showing Up to Help Ranch Children Be Successful

Showing Up to Help Ranch Children Be Successful

At Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, we work very hard, in Christ's name, to help the kids who come to the Ranch to find their best selves. I believe the dedicated staff who work with our kids bring their own best selves and their unique talents to this place. By sharing their talents and passions, they set examples for the children. They show us how we can each be our true selves and make an impact in the world.

One such staff person is Paul Cordova, a Youth Care Worker on our Western Plains Campus in Bismarck, ND. I asked Paul, "How do you, in your job, help kids and families succeed?" I think Paul's answer is a great example of how each Rancher has their own impact on the children.

"Well, I will have been with the Ranch for 10 years this upcoming November," Paul says. "Showing commitment and consistency on a regular basis by showing up day in and day out has been somewhat of a challenge at times, but I always try to remember my reason for showing up every help these children be 'successful' in their lives at the Ranch and when they graduate from the program."

"My greatest joy is attempting to pass along skills to the children in the area of gardening and making them aware of the importance of recycling. I provide them with the opportunity as often as possible to participate in the process of growing vegetables in the greenhouse and in the garden. Some of the children take on the tasks of planting and watering and are fully invested in the process of making sure that the plants are being tended to on a consistent basis. Some of the children also take on the responsibility of growing vegetable plants in their own rooms. Teaching children the skill of being able to grow food on their own and take a small step towards self-sustainability, is a valuable skill for them to obtain while in treatment."

It is only through our donor support that we are able to provide the greenhouse and gardening experiences that Paul shares with the kids. Thank you for giving them that wonderful experience!

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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