S'more Experiences

S'more Experiences

S'more Experiences

The relationships our staff build with children are what allow the care we provide and our Christ-centered focus to do their work. It all starts with relationships that build trust. It starts with shared and new experiences.
Christian Kjelland is the Wellness Coordinator on our Fargo Campus. He has been a Rancher for over 20 years and has his own remarkable life story, which you can read in the Summer 2023 edition of our Ranch Voice magazine.* One of Christian’s greatest gifts is his ability to create opportunities for kids to try new things. Through those experiences, trust and relationships are built.
I absolutely love this email I received from Christian, recapping an end-of-summer event.

“Summer Programming ended on a good note. We played BINGO for about an hour, and we roasted marshmallows to make s'mores. One of our current youth said he had never had smores before besides eating it from the box. I told him that this would definitely be fun and that I would teach him how to make proper smores (I think I’m good at it.. 😊) Well the time had come and I tell you, that was an amazing experience for me because it brought me back when I was just a kiddo like him. I didn’t really know how to make one or had never even seen one. This individual had so much fun; I think he made himself 4 or 5 more smores because he was trying to perfect it. I think he got it and it was fun seeing that.”
I am deeply honored to work with people like Christian who can create relationships and memories and healing for these kids. So many have given up on them. Christian won’t.
Please keep all our kids and staff in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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