Thanksgiving and success

Thanksgiving and success

Thanksgiving and success

The mission of Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch always has been, and I believe always will be, “to help at-risk children and their families succeed in the name of Christ.” Very simple and straightforward. Right?
Well, maybe not. Success is defined by many different variables: money, education, career, marital status, family, sobriety, healthy living, etc.

But I certainly can tell you what it looks like in the short term for our kids. Shaina Vanyo is a Youth and Family Engagement Specialist with Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch’s AfterCare Program. These specially trained folks, like Shaina, start working with each child in our Qualified Residential Treatment Program when they enter care. Their job is to ensure that when the children leave the Ranch, they receive the community-based services they need, integrate into school and home life, and well, succeed.
This week, Shaina shared updates on three of the children she has been working with. Each is different. Each is a booming success!
Hey Team - I wanted to give a little update on a few of the kids I've been working with and how they've been doing since leaving your care! 

  • Gail was recently discharged from the Aftercare Program after nine months of services. You may remember her from Challenge Cottage but she has also been a resident at the Fargo PRTF and Western Plains. Gail has done SO well the last nine months—she attends public school and has a great group of friends. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that her foster family has just about completed the adoption process 🙂 

  • Carissa has been discharged from Challenge for over six months and is still living with her dad and brother. She attends public school and began working at a grocery store just a few weeks after returning home. Carissa talks about her time on campus often and always has positive things to say, She learned a lot from you all!

  • Nancy has been home with her mom for a little over three months and has been doing so well! She recently got a job and has been going to public school without any issues. The most notable thing is that Nancy and her mom's communication has improved tremendously. Because of you guys, she is able to accept the answer "no." All those times setting and upholding limits regarding clothing, boundaries, etc., really does pay off in the long run! 

Thanks for all the hard work you do; it does not go unnoticed.”
On this Thanksgiving day, I want you to know how incredibly grateful all the Ranchers, children, and I are for your continued support and prayers. Your support, the Rancher’s hard work, the courage of the children, and the grace of God combine to create each of these remarkable success stories.
I wish you and yours a wonderful, peaceful, love-filled Thanksgiving.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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