Celebrating Unsung Heroes

Celebrating Unsung Heroes

Celebrating Unsung Heroes

In the latest edition of Ranch Voice, there is a great article talking about our amazing facilities team. I’d like to take a moment to celebrate these unsung heroes who day in and day out work very hard at providing a clean, safe, and healthy environment for our precious kids and dedicated staff. 

While the education, therapy, treatment, psychiatric services, wellness, and spiritual life activities take center stage at the Ranch, a lot goes on behind the scenes. Think about the wear and tear that happens in every home, especially homes with children. Now think about bringing 20, 40, or 70 kids (depending on the campus) into your home—kids who struggle with anger and expressing their feelings due to abuse, neglect, and/or psychiatric issues. Imagine the work that goes into maintaining the spaces where these kids live, eat, learn, sleep, and play.

Across the Ranch’s three campuses, a 26-person facilities team works quietly and efficiently to maintain the buildings, feed the kids, provide clean and sanitary spaces, take care of the grounds, and so much more.  

Imagine having to do all this work and then add COVID-19. We had a few kids affected by COVID-19, and as you can imagine, it impacts all the kids and staff in some way. From day one our facilities team jumped into action to ensure a safe environment, which in some cases meant quarantining kids in different parts of the campuses, again no small feat, but done with care and love for each kid by an amazing team.

The unsung heroes, our facilities team, always rises to whatever new challenge comes their way.  We are blessed by them and their dedication toward the mission of the Ranch, which is to help at-risk children and their families succeed in the name of Christ. If you’d like to read more about this caring group of women and men, please click here.

We are blessed by you and your kindness as we strive every day to help our precious boys and girls achieve greater success in life.

Thank you and God bless you,

Tim Unsinn

P.S. If you would like prayer or would like to just chat with someone, please contact me via phone, text, or email. My contact information is below.

Tim Unsinn, Senior Development Officer
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch
Cell: 701-405-4186

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