"Where did you grow up, Joy?"

"Where did you grow up, Joy?"

"Where did you grow up, Joy?"

“Where did you grow up, Joy?”
The question came from a 13-year-old boy I was talking with on our Minot Campus. Really cute child. Curly, mop-like hair. Eyes that sparkle. He runs away from wherever he is. There is a lot to the “why” he does that. That’s another story.
“I grew up on a farm outside of Gilby, ND. It’s north of Grand Forks.” I answered.
“Have you ever heard of Manvel, ND?” he asked.

“Sure. That’s where I went to church and where I got married. How do you know Manvel?”
He smiled. “I had a really good foster family there for a while.”
“That’s great. What were their names? Manvel is little. I might know them.” I offered.
“I don’t remember. We went to Grand Forks once, though. That was cool.”
It was a polite, normal conversation that you could have with anyone. When we meet people, we look for things in common. Do we know any of the same people or places? Do we like the same food or the same sports? That is how we get to know people.

But, this child has lived in so many homes, he doesn’t know the names of some of the people he has lived with. Even the “good” ones.
The children at Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch each have a different story. They all need your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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