With me...

With me...

With me...

How would you finish this sentence? When I am happy, I would appreciate it if you…
Once children have some time to acclimate and begin to feel comfortable at the Ranch, we sit down with them and complete the “Five Love Languages Profile Quiz” and a worksheet titled, “All About [INSERT NAME].” The worksheet gathers information about the child’s favorite colors and favorite snacks, the three most important things we should know about them, and more. 
Other questions are about how they would prefer to interact with staff at certain times or when they are experiencing certain emotions. For instance, one of the fill-in-the-blank sentences is: “When I am happy, I would appreciate it if you…”

Most of the kids try to give good insights, some are jokers and give funny answers, and some honestly don't know as they aren’t far enough along in their healing.  
“Let me be happy.”
“Spend time with me outside.”
“Talk to me.”
“Tell me that I seem happy.”
When I decided to write this, I had to think about my answer. I found it was the same as one of our young girls who wrote, “Be happy with me.”

I love to be happy with the people I love. It is a great feeling to share that warmth.
This child is seeking that same connection. She has had a trauma-filled life and doesn’t have family around her. But, she yearns for that same shared sense of happiness.
We will be with her, sharing her happy as well as her sad. We will show her she isn’t alone. We will help her find healing and comfort. We will be with her. 
Please keep each of our children and staff in your prayers. 

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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