Loving these messy, angry, loud, hurting, challenging, precious kids

Loving these messy, angry, loud, hurting, challenging, precious kids

Loving these messy, angry, loud, hurting, challenging, precious kids

I am constantly grateful for the way really great professionals find their way to Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. It is important to work with people who share a passion for our mission. The Ranch’s Director of Therapy Services/Clinical Director, Tim Gienger, is one of those great people.

Tim oversees the therapeutic work done by our Masters’ level mental and behavioral health counselors who work here. He travels to all three campuses and works with each therapist to develop the very best-of-the-best approaches to help each child in their own unique ways. He is insightful, upbeat, kind, and a really hard worker.

But, Tim’s superpower is that he really loves the kids—these messy, angry, loud, hurting, challenging, precious kids. How do I know for sure?

One week, in particular, had been challenging. Several of the children were dealing with really tough parts of their treatment. They were experiencing a lot of anger and fear and Tim’s team of clinicians were working incredibly hard to help each child get over their own hurdles. And I received this email from Tim.

“Yesterday was a particularly stressful day for me with lots of different things happening that needed to be addressed. I stayed at the Minot Ranch until 9 p.m. before driving back to Bismarck. I had some time on campus to get some work done so I perched myself near a dining hall window overlooking the campus. As I sat there going through e-mails and writing some notes for things that I had to keep working on, I noticed the kids playing outside. I was trying to get lots of things done, but I allowed myself to close my laptop and just sit there and watch the kids play for about 5 minutes or so. During that time I saw kids being kids—throwing rocks, playing with sticks, riding bikes, rollerblading, kicking a ball, and chasing each other around. It was such a moving experience for me to just be able to sit and watch kids be “normal” kids, not kids that need to be treated, or trying to assemble some creative treatment for, but just kids being kids. As I transitioned back to my work, I had a sense of calm and inspiration come over me that was surely lacking for much of the day. As I left last night, I had some newly inspired hope and optimism. I felt the need to tell you as I am so grateful for the opportunity to work here. I am a big believer in moments, and this will be a moment that I won’t soon forget.” 

I work with really great people.

Please pray for our kids and staff.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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