Heroes in the Background

Heroes in the Background

Heroes in the Background

When I spend time at our many locations and schools and thrift stores, I often see our Facilities employees as they go about their work, but it's hard to get them to slow down for a chat. They are constantly on the go—moving snow or mowing lawns, making meals or cleaning nutrition centers, putting up hay, fixing walls, installing new lights, doing laundry, planting trees, cleaning ponds, painting, installing flooring, and more. They do a remarkable job.

One of our Facility Managers recently attended our STAR (Supervisor Training at the Ranch) sessions. During one session, we talk about how knowing yourself is a critical part of being a good team player and a good leader. He took it to heart and suggested that all of our Facilities Teams spend some time talking about personality and preferences and how we each see the world.

That’s where I got to join in. I spent hours with each group walking them through individual personality traits and preferences. We worked together to learn about how each person takes in information, organizes that information, and makes decisions. We talked about what brings us energy, and the triad of persuasion. It was great.

The best part for me, however, was getting to spend time with these heroes in the background. I heard them express how when they are making decisions they think about how it will feel to the kids. They reflected on meals that brought joy to particular children. They talked about fixing damage in walls made by a child too angry for words and spoke with compassion about wanting to do repairs quickly. They spoke of children by name, and about problem-solving with program and education staff. They laughed. We prayed.

In short, they were fully and completely all the best of what we hope a Rancher will be. They are here “to help at-risk children and their families succeed in the name of Christ,” wherever that takes them in their job today.

Please keep our staff and kids in your prayers.

In His love,

Joy Ryan, President/CEO
Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

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